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Where to Buy Dragon Fruit: A Helpful Directory

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    For enthusiasts and gardeners alike, finding a reliable source to purchase dragon fruit plants can often be challenging. With its unique appearance and exquisite taste, the dragon fruit has captivated the hearts of many, yet sourcing these tropical wonders remains a puzzle for some. We've compiled an extensive list of vendors across America to ease this quest. 

    This directory is a one-stop resource, providing essential details about where to buy, shipping policies, and each store's most popular varieties. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a newcomer to exotic fruits, this guide aims to simplify your search and connect you with the perfect pitahaya plant.

    Directory of Dragon Fruit Plant Vendors

    Brugmansia Québec

    • Location: Saint-Valérien-de-Milton, Québec, Canada

    • Ships to: All Canada

    • Popular Varieties: American Beauty, Cosmic Charlie, Dark Star

    • Website:

    Cal Poly Pomona Nursery

    Dragon's Alley Nursery

    Florida Hill Nursery

    • Location: Orlando, Florida, USA

    • Ships to: All United States

    • Popular Varieties: American Beauty, Yellow Dragon, Dark Star

    • Website:

    Spicy Exotics

    • Location: Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

    • Ships to: All United States

    • Popular Varieties: Vietnamese White, Pink Panther, Purple Haze

    • Website:

    The Southwest Florida Store

    Tropic of Canada

    • Location: Rodney, Ontario, Canada

    • Ships to: All Canada

    • Popular Varieties: American Beauty, Edgar's Baby, Joyner Red

    • Website:

    Urban Tropicals

    • Location: Hampton, Florida, USA

    • Ships to: 48 states (Do not ship to: Alaska, Hawaï, Puerto Rico)

    • Popular Varieties: Yellow Dragon, Vietnamese Jaina, Bruni

    • Website:

    Wallace Ranch

    In our quest to bring the exotic and vibrant world of dragon fruit closer to you, we hope this directory is a valuable tool in your gardening journey. Each vendor brings something unique with a range of varieties and locations. We encourage you to explore their offerings, find the variety that resonates with your taste and garden space, and embark on the exciting adventure of growing pitahayas. Happy planting!


    What is a dragon fruit?

    Dragon fruit, pitahaya, scientifically known as Hylocereus and Selenicereus, is a tropical fruit that grows on cactus species. These plants are known for their vibrant flowers and uniquely shaped fruits with sweet, seed-speckled pulp inside.

    How do I care for a dragon fruit plant?

    Dragon fruit plants prefer warm, sunny climates (usually full sun) and well-drained soil. They require regular watering but are drought-tolerant once established. Support for climbing, such as a trellis, is essential for optimal growth.

    Can dragon fruit plants grow in colder climates?

    While they thrive in warm climates, dragon fruit plants can be grown in pots in colder regions and moved indoors during colder months. They can tolerate mild frost but need protection from harsh winter conditions.

    How long does it take for a dragon fruit plant to bear fruit?

    Dragon fruit plants typically begin bearing fruit within 1-2 years of planting. Proper care, fertilizer, pollination, and climate conditions can influence the fruiting timeline.

    Can I grow a dragon fruit plant from the fruit's seeds?

    Growing pitahaya from seeds is possible, but it's a slower process than planting dragon fruit cuttings. Growing from cuttings also ensures the new plant retains the characteristics of the parent plant.

    Do all dragon fruit plants need cross-pollination to produce fruit?

    Some varieties are self-fertile, while others require cross-pollination from another dragon fruit plant. Researching the specific variety can guide its pollination needs.